Welcome to our world of stone

In June 1925, Heinrich Steffen, the grandfather of the actual owner Frank Steffen, started his business in Braunschweig in Northern Germany making different products based on cement. Since the 1980‘s the company concentrates on the work with natural stone.


We work with all kinds of natural stone like e.g. granite, marble, slate, sandstone, limestone as well as high-quality artificial stone. We still produce articles made of concrete and washed-out concrete like stairs or exceptional furniture and terrazzo floors made in the site. Our production ranges from inside and outside stairs to floors, bathrooms, worktops for kitchens, fire places, furniture and works of art in cooperation with famous artists. We use most advanced technology like water jet cutting machines. All necessary elements made of steel and stainless steel like railings or banisters are produced in our own locksmith shop.


Our main emphasis lies on individual consultation, high quality, absolute reliability and punctual execution. Our staff is trained according to the world famous German regulations. Besides in Germany we also executed orders in Great Britain, France, Austria and Hawaii.


We would be pleased to get in touch with you. Please contact us by fax or e-mail so that we can arrange a telephone contact in English or a meeting for a free consultation in our showroom where you can experience the stones natural beauty in its original.


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Our mailing and factory address
Steffen GmbH 
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